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Hello Race for Ellie fans! It is the time of year for us to be gearing up for a race to help Change the Course of Mitochondrial Disease. The RFE Foundation has been underwriting research at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (OSUWMC) for over five years for a chance to do just that ... change Mito. The progress made in five years has been groundbreaking .... thank you to our researchers working for Mito! Thank you also to our past participants, donors, sponsors and volunteers!!

Research update ... The research which looked so promising last summer did not realize its' full potential. We moved on to a second strategy which we realized in February of this year would not produce the desired results either. Concurrent with our challenges in the laboratory, The OSUWMC has some financial challenges which have affected some medical programs, including our research study. We are extremely disappointed and heartbroken. The RFE Foundation hopes to find another partner to fulfill our research goals; however, it may take time. We promise to keep our supporters updated.

Back to the race ... We have made the very difficult decision not to hold this year's race. We are not at all comfortable asking participants and donors to support the RFE Foundation when we do not have an active research program available. We hope you understand. Ellie sends her love and high-fives to each and every one of you!

Please feel free to email info@raceforellie.org with any questions or concerns. Thank you!

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The Race for Ellie Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity, funding vital research and raising awareness for Mitochondrial Disease (Mito). Mailing address is 3982 Powell Road, Box 162, Powell, Ohio 43065.


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